July 12, 2011 440 Repeaters-PavePawsMitigation.pdf Message from President about PavePaws Mitigation 2011 (Shown earlier on opening message page of website)
February 12, 2014 NARCC-ARRL-PAVE-PAWS-Update-2014a.pdf Message from Board about PavePaws Mitigation 2014 (Placed on opening message page of website 2/12/2014)
February 12, 2014 PavePaws-Motion-8Feb2014.pdf Board of Directors motion February 8, 2014, updating policy regarding coordination of systems within the PavePaws Mitigation area
February 12, 2014 Pave-Paws-Thread.pdf Mail list thread related to the letters exchanged between ARRL and NARCC regarding Pave Paws Mitigation of late 2013 through early 2014

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